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Dear editor,


Last week end, on the 24th and 25th of May, the executive board of a French association called AKILIMA held a meeting in Juffureh, Niumi, with the development committe and Alkalo Tako Taal. The agenda was the finalisation of the “Lemon Grass Project'.


The conclusion of the meeting were very positives, and the choice of Juffureh as a village pilot has been confirmed. The acronym AKILIMA means Association to Kill Illness And Malaria, and the objective of the project is the promotion and the dissemination of the lemon grass as a very ecological and easy way to start this long term action in the fight against the malaria.


Indeed, the unknown virtues of the lemon grass are numerous and various, but the main one is its capacity to be used as a mosquito repellent: More lemon grass in your environment means less mosquitoes, so less malaria. For more informations, if you are interested by a partnership, you can contact the local coordinator of AKILIMA in The Gambia at this email: or join the AKILIMA open group on Facebook.


Malaria is still killing millions of people every year through the world, but particularly in Africa, and there is no small action in term of saving life.


Babucarr Kah

Bakau New Town